Sanding Sticks (5)

Sanding Sticks (5)

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All- in-one sanding and polishing stick suitable for plastic miniatures! These come as a pack of 5 sanding sticks (180mm x 19mm x 3mm).

Comprising three fine grits (colour coded), these will enable you to remove mould lines or joint fill, to a mirror finish*.

With a plastic core they are flexible and able to be cut down to smaller pieces if you have tight places to reach. The grit is finer than standard nail file/emery board which can burr/scratch plastic parts.

*The picture attached of the storm cast was a two piece shoulder pad with the join straight down the middle! I was able to use a bit of excess glue, cut back and filed to get a finish like there was never a join there to begin with :) Also note the grit is finer than most