Slaine - What the El?

Slaine - What the El?

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A prince among the alien Dark-Els, Elfric was an utterly depraved being that lusted after death and devastation. A being of magical energy, his mortal incarnation was almost impossible to destroy with normal weapons, and many were the battles where his body was pierced a dozen times and more by sword, arrow or spear without harm. Elfric’s magic also manifested itself in the form of a deadly gaze from a gem-like third eye in his forehead that could shatter armour and boil away flesh. Only with great effort and the aid of many allies was Sláine able to halt Elfric’s rampages across space and time, yet the demonic being was never utterly destroyed and will doubtless return to plague humanity another day.

Els were creatures from another dimension that exists at a right angle to our own. Dark-Els were evil beings, intent on spreading destruction for Crom Cruach. Sometimes these took the form of seductive human women to lure their prey into traps. They were spiteful, deadly fighters possessed of otherworldly power, often underestimated because of their appearance. Yet when slain their true forms manifested, as their bodies reverted into bug-like abominations.


  • Elfric Serpent-Eye
  • 3 x El-Women
  • 1 x character card
  • 1 x unit card

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted