The Great Devourer: Leviathan Omnibus (Pb)

The Great Devourer: Leviathan Omnibus (Pb)

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A Tyranids Omnibus

Hive Fleet Leviathan is a vast and inhuman threat to all living things in the galaxy. In this collection of nine gripping tales, the heroism of those that seek to resist the tyranid threat is revealed.


This omnibus brings together tales featuring the endless tyranid swarms, written by some of Black Library's best-known authors, where forces of the Imperium and other races must fight – or perish – together in the face of this ever-growing threat.


As billions upon billions of tyranids sweep through the galaxy, consuming every living soul and world in their path, it seems all will soon fall to the ravenous xenos. Faced with foes beyond number, Space Marines and aeldari alike face an impossible dilemma – do they fight to the last in the name of honour, or compromise their most fundamental ideals to secure the future of their peoples?


Valedor, a novel by Guy Haley
The Last Days of Ector, a novella by Guy Haley
Deathstorm, a novella by Josh Reynolds
Tempestus, a novella by Braden Campbell
Devourer, a novella by Joe Parrino
Wraithflight, a short story by Guy Haley
Shadow of the Leviathan, a short story by Josh Reynolds
The Word of the Silent King, a short story by L J Goulding
Dread Night, a short story by Nick Kyme