Warhammer Collectibles: 1/18 Scale Adepta Sororitas Geminae Superia 2

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Product Description
The Geminae Superia serve as the twin guardians of Saint Celestine. Due to their bravery and faith, they were resurrected as living saints by Saint Celestine and serve as her champions.

From Joy Toy comes a faithfully recreated 1/18 scale figure of the second Geminae Superia, a former member of the Order of Our Martyred Lady. This figure stands just over 4 inches tall and includes a variety of accessories.

Product Features
4.2 inches (10.7cm)
1/18 Scale
Made of plastic
Based on Warhammer 40k
Fully articulated
Highly detailed

Box Contents
Geminae Superia figure
2 Alternate pairs of hands