Warpaints Air Starter Set

Warpaints Air Starter Set

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If you are new to the airbrush game and have been looking for airbrush painter starter kits or just ways to start that are beginner friendly and easy to approach, then the Warpaints Air Starter Set is the way to go.

The Warpaints Air range is highly praised and well-known for being airbrush-ready paints straight from the bottle, which means you have the right consistency from the beginning and avoid the hassle of diluting your paint before use. 

This is a huge advantage for beginners as you can just simply load up your airbrush pistol right away without worrying whether the consistency is too thick or thin. With this aspect you save a lot of time plus it makes the dive into airbrushing less intimidating and the experience very approachable. 

The Warpaints Air Starter Set is a fantastic way to start your collection of Airbrush colours. With a chosen starter palette of 12 colours of some of the most usable and crisp colour tones for airbrushing, the set allows you to get started from the moment it is unboxed. 

Our paints are of top-notch quality because we use specially selected vibrant pigments that offer high coverage, thanks to their ultra-filtration process. This, combined with a very stable and matchless resin solution, is paint science at its best! To make things easier Warpaints Air comes pre-loaded with two steel Mixing Balls

For tips and tricks to airbrush and to get started on it, we recommend you check out the following videos to help you along you way: How To: Airbrush (for Beginners) and How-To | Airbrush (Troubleshooting Common Issues).




12 x 18 ml Warpaints Air

1 x 100 ml Warpaints Air Primer