Wet Palette (ModiFX)

Wet Palette (ModiFX)

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This Modifx Wet Palette container one (1) high quality plastic Paint Palette Container, one (1) Sponge and fifty (50) Modifx Wet Palette sheets.

This Modifx Wet Pallet features a strong and sturdy outer case in a fashionable black finish. It includes a built in water resistant seal. Four plastic clips keep it safely closed while in transit. The white coloured sponge provides a stable background colour when mixing paints. 

Internal Dimensions: 150mm/L x 90mm/W

External Dimensions: 170mm/L x 110mm/W x 48mm/H

Tips and tricks on using the Modifx Wet Palette. 

- Fill container with water so the Sponge is fully saturated but not overflowing. Empty some water as you wish (If you feel you have added too much) Water should be at the same level as the height of the sponge. 
- Place Modifx paper over the wet sponge. Make sure both sides are wet to avoid any curling of the paper.
- While it isn't necessary to wet both sides, it might make it easier if you have not used this type of paper before. 
- Run your finger over the paper to make sure you have removed any air bubbles or bumps in the paper. 
- Voila! There you have it, a Modifx Wet Palette ready to use. Great for keeping those paint mixes wet and good to use for your next painting session.