WW2 Small Sheds with Dovecote PREPAINTED

WW2 Small Sheds with Dovecote PREPAINTED

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Multicolor prepainted (UV-printed) single level WW2 Normandy Small Sheds w. Dovecote buildings. Option to assemble with open or closed doors. Room to fit in a single infantry miniature inside.

  • Length: 5cm / 2in & 6cm / 2,4in
  • Width: 10cm / 3,9in & 6cm / 2,4in
  • Height: 5cm / 2in & 8cm / 3,1in
  • Scale: 28-30mm / 1:56

This model is delivered as a pack, unassembled and PREPAINTED.

Every model is cut from one or more panels of HDF (high-density fiberboard) of 3mm and/or 1,5mm thickness.

WW2 series scenery might prove demanding to assemble, dry fit parts before applying the glue to avoid mistakes. PVA (white) glue is recommended.

Attention: Before taking the elements out make sure they are fully cut. There are minor connections that prevent them from falling out. Parts are secured with a layer of protection paper, please remove it gently before assembly. Tiny paint chips may occur when removing the protective layer, if it happens so, use color marker or hobby paint to mask them.