The Iron Golems

Posted by Scott Bowman on

I recently finished the Iron Golems from the Warcry core starter set.

Pleased to say that’s the complete boxed set assembled and painted. :)


I painted the models using contrast paints for the skin, going with space wolves grey to depict the unusual skin tone the chaos raiders have living in the chaos ash wastes.


For the armour I used a base of Retributor Gold, over which I applied Flesh Tearers Red Contrast paint. Once dry I shade washed the red armour in Agrax Earthshade Gloss. 

I’m pleased with the result and plan to try something similar to this on some 40K stuff in the future.


The remaining metal was Leadbelcher then Nuln oil. 

Based on a mix of grey ballast and gravel. 

If you have not had a try, give Warcry a go, it’s a great fantasy skirmish game. And the factions can also be used in your Age of Sigmar games!

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