Greenstuff Epoxy Putty (Blue / Yellow) 100g Tube

Greenstuff Epoxy Putty (Blue / Yellow) 100g Tube

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The Orginal 'Green Stuff', actually called "Blue/Yellow", but it doesnt have the same ring :)

Contains (1) 50g Blue Bar and one (1) 50g Yellow Bar. 

Use Green Stuff to fill gaps on models and miniatures, duplicate parts, sculpt miniatures and add detail to miniatures and models. 

This high quality epoxy putty is well renowned among modellers as one of the best materials for sculpting detailed miniatures and custom parts for your model kits, since it has moderately long working time to create and reork detail, before setting. Famous for both its ease of use and versatility, this product is an essential part of any hobbyist or scupltor's kit. Pairs perfectly with Modifx Modimold to replicate fine detailed parts for use across multiple models with extraordinary accuracy. 

Tips and Tricks:

1) Start by cutting the desired amount of both the blue and yellow sticks, best results are achieved by an approximate 1:1 ratio. However, depending uopn the sculpting requirements, this ratio can be adjusted. Using more blue than yellow will result in a faster, harder cure, while using more yellow than blue results in a slower, softer cure.

2) Mix the two parts together with fingers until a uniform green colour is achieved. 

3) Apply to the surface and scuplt either by hand or with a sculpting implement. Moistening your sculpting tools with water can help to achieve finer detail when sculpting. It is recommended that you only use water rather than any other liquids or chemicals. 

You can stop the product hardening by placing the mixed Green Stuff in the freezer. Likewise, the hardening can be sped up by placing under a warm lamp (35degree max). Oven warming is not recommended.

Final hardness/full cure is reached in approximately 24 hours.